About us

Lucia Deniz HazirLucia & Deniz Hazir


We have started dancing tango together in 2009 and since then we are following the footsteps of tango. Not only workshops, tango marathons, lessons with maestros, milongas and each and every dance, but also books, stories, movies, all kinds of arts and life continuously teach us more about tango. Each embrace tells its own story. We believe in tango, its social aspect and we are happy to share it. In August 2012, we started to publish free monthly tango e-magazine gancho (in English and Slovak).

Tango is life and life is tango. TangoVida is a new life.

Our teaching program is based on the fact that tango is a language, a communication, accompanied by the beautiful tango music. Our great mentors Mariana Patsarika and Dimitris Biskas (Tango Sweethearts) support us within our teaching program on a regular basis and will continue to share their experience with all of us also in Bratislava.

We are looking forward to seeing you with us. Join the TangoVida family.
Tango is waiting for you..

“We dance the music not the steps!” Carlos Gavito


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