TangoVida is an NGO dedicated to spreading the Argentine Tango in Slovakia.

How can you support us?

To continue our activities and to do even more, we kindly ask for your support. If you would like to donate 2% of your income tax to the NGO TangoVida, you will need the following form and information: here

Attention volunteers! If you lent your support to any NGO for at least 40 hours throughout the year, you are entitled to designate as much as 3 % of your paid income tax. Please ask the NGO for a written confirmation and attach it to the official tax designation form.

Why Argentine Tango?

The Tango is more than a dance, it is the music, culture, a whole lifestyle of its own. Tango is widely popular and connects people of different nationalities and cultures all over the world. It is a magnificent and healthy obsession making you feel good about yourself. Argentine Tango has been employed in treating Parkinson´s and Alzheimer´s disease (more details are available on Google). It improves cardiovascular fitness, posture and walk; increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength. It provides a social platform for people to meet, thus improving their social and communication skills. Tango teaches us how to get to know ourselves and others better. It opens new ways of self-expression. For more click here: only official web site that is declared of National Interest by Argentina)


What does TangoVida do?

TangoVida organizes various activities to spread the Argentine Tango in Slovakia:

Regular lessons of Argentine Tango (7 times a week).

Regular weekly practicas where dancers can practice freely or consult with an instructor.

Regular milongas (3-4 times a month) – social dances where people can come together to socialize and dance.

Free public presentations of the Argentine Tango at least 10 times a year.

The first and the only tango marathon in Slovakia with more than 200 participants from approximately 30 countries every year. For more visit:

The biggest international tango festival in Slovakia with performances of world-wide maestros who also teach at workshops and dance at the festival, milongas together with more than 400 tango dancers from all over the world. For more visit:

Occasional workshops with guest maestros from all around the world.

Realizing performances and supporting charity-event (like an integrated milonga with LEN TAK TAK Integrated Dance Group, Christmas-market performance in 2015 etc.)

Organizing free public concerts and performances (Concert of El Cachivache Quintet within Bratislava´s Cultural Summer and Castle Festival in 2015, Tango on Fire Show within the Cultural Summer and Castle Festival in 2016, etc.)

Publishing a free online tango magazine called “gancho”, reaching out to more than 2000 subscribers worldwide with its 43 issues that have already been published since 2012.

And much more…