Summer 2019 at TangoVida

We all need good holidays to recharge. TangoVida is suspending the regular lessons as of July (last regular lesson is on 1st July) and will restart with the regular program as of October.

We are OPEN during all summer and offer walk-in classes, practicas, summer seminars and milongas.

Practicas will take place every Monday btw 19:30 – 21:30. Entrance fee is 5 EUR per person. (Participants of walk-in classes enjoy free practicas).

Walk-in classes are every Monday at 18:00 and are led by the instructors of TangoVida. Lessons target especially beginners and intermediate levels. However, advanced people know very well that repeating the basics is essential ☺ Lessons are open to students of all tango schools. Everybody is welcome here! Walk-in classes do not need registration. You do not need partners as well. Just come 10 mins before the class and pls bring your clean shoes ☺ Lessons last 80 mins. Lesson + Practica (afterwards) is only 10 EUR per person. Please see the full program with topics for the walk-in classes below (TangoVida may do changes regarding instructors schedule without prior notice).

Summer Seminars are already a tradition for TangoVida. Once a month, for 120 mins we focus on a topic to improve our tango. Deniz and Lucia will be your guides during these seminars. Registrations to seminars can be done vie email You should register to seminars as couples. Seminars are 12 EUR per person and can be paid on the spot. Please see the full program with topics and dates below (TangoVida may change the schedule and will inform you via email and facebook).

Everybody loves milongas. We plan to enjoy some summer milongas in our lovely garden. Prepare your sneakers for the stone floor ☺ Party will continue inside on our good floor, so please bring also your tango shoes. Keep following us for the dates ☺

Have a great summer. Love,


1.7.2019 Monday 18:00 Regular Class + 19:30 PracticaVida

8.7.2019 Monday 18:00– Cross in one line – Deniz/Lucia + 19:30 PracticaVida
15.7.2019 Monday 18:00– Musicality in cross – Tomas/Katka + 19:30 PracticaVida
22.7.2019 Monday 18:00– Americana – Peter/Monika + 19:30 PracticaVida
29.7.2019 Monday 18:00– Ochos in social dance – Deniz/Lucia + 19:30 PracticaVida


5.8.2019 Monday 18:00– Ocho Cortado – Deniz/Lucia + 19:30 PracticaVida
12.8.2019 Monday 18:00– Sandwich and salida – Peter/Utla + 19:30 PracticaVida
19.8.2019 Monday 18:00– Champagne for everyone (dissociations and pivots) – Peter/Monika + 19:30 PracticaVida
26.8.2019 Monday 18:00– Rebounds in rocking step and turns 90/180 – Peter/Monika + 19:30 PracticaVida


2.9.2019 Monday 18:00– Giro – Peter/Monika + 19:30 PracticaVida
9.9.2019 Monday 18:00– Cadena – Tomas/Silvia + 19:30 PracticaVida
16.9.2019 Monday 18:00– Mixed elements in social dancing – Tomas/Silvia + 19:30 PracticaVida
23.9.2019 Monday 18:00– History of Orchestras – Deniz + 19:30 PracticaVida

Summer Seminars – Jul Aug Sep

Summer Seminars – 2019 by Deniz and Lucia (120 mins)

25.7.2019 The musicality in us
28.8.2019 Milonga – Let’s have fun
3.9.2019 Vals – Let’s dance over the clouds